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Board of Directors Insight

If you’re a globe trotter then Travel Management is the perfect category for you! Not only will you get to learn about travel but you will be able to put yourself in the operational shoes of airline, hotel and hospitality industry!



VP Projects of '19

Want to travel the world? Then Travel Management is perfect for you! This category will be all about making it easier for travelers to get around in a convenient way and overall making traveling less stressful for people! Participants may be challenged to provide insight into marketing, management functions, and tasks in any business primarily engaged in satisfying the desire of people to make productive or enjoyable use of travel services. This could mean that the category centers around a travel agency, airline, or web platform that provides travel services. Of course no travel experience is required and participants can try and think of creative and unique solutions that will solve a travelers everyday problems.
Skills to Master
Prior Knowledge
Length of Case
Numerical Expertise
Creative Ability
Quick Thinking Skills
Case Category
15 Minute
Prep Time
10 Minute
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