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Stock Pitch


Participants will try their best to pitch a stock or portfolio of stocks that they feel are undervalued and on the rise that will give an investor the best bang for their buck! Judges will come from all avenues of the industry and will have strong knowledge on the market and economic trends. Having a decent understanding of the finance world and being up to date in the recent news is a crucial skill to have in this special category. So needless to say, pitching Apple won’t get you too far in competition.  Haha!
Skills to Master
Prior Knowledge

Board of Directors Insight

As one of the new exciting special categories, and someone in studying finance, I am so excited to see what company’s delegates will pitch to our incredible judges! This is definitely a category you don’t want to miss if you want to pursue a career in sales & trading or investment banking!



VP Delegate Experience of '17

Length of Case
Numerical Expertise
Creative Ability
Quick Thinking Skills
1-4 People
3 Weeks
Prep Time
15 Minute
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