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Do you enjoy participating in an exciting debate? Well, then debate is just the category for you! Using the knowledge that you have, represent your school, and take a stand against the others, proving your point. This is an event that was started during the online Nationals event during the pandemic, but we are excited to bring this to you all in person! Topics can range from all sorts of business-related events so be sure to be on your toes and defend your argument. If you're not competing, make sure to cheer for your school and support your team! 
Skills to Master
Prior Knowledge

Board of Directors Insight

One of the most fiery competitions we have at Nationals, as an exciting opportunity for schools to face off against each other. Watching the debates can be quite riveting, especially seeing all the insightful arguments being made. Make sure to attend this event to support your team!



Co-President of '22

Length of Case
Numerical Expertise
Creative Ability
Quick Thinking Skills
1 Team
Per School 
of 2-4
Prep Time
Throughout the Weekend
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