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Board of Directors Insight

Marketing Management allows you to apply your business knowledge along with some fun ideas. Having completed in this category as a delegate two years in a row, I can tell you that my partner and I have definitely come up with some odd and out of the box campaigns!



VP Project Management of '18

Are you basic like me and not too sure what category to specialize in? Then how about join a generic category like Marketing Management. Participants are given the opportunity to analyze a real-world merchandising management case situation and to present solutions to a professional with experience in merchandising and sales management. Environments may include, without being limited to, place/location marketing, transportation marketing, sports/entertainment marketing, charity/event marketing, marketing research, strategic marketing planning, distribution strategies, or target marketing. So if you know the 4 P’s like the back side of your head, then definitely look into this category.
Skills to Master
Prior Knowledge
Length of Case
Numerical Expertise
Creative Ability
Quick Thinking Skills
Case Category
30 Minute
Prep Time
15 Minute
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