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Is it your dream to be the best closer in Toronto just like our boy Harvey Specter? Then business law is the best place to get that experience! Participants will evaluate a real-life scenario of a company is facing and try their best to solve it! Cases can include problems such as patents, trademark, or copyright issues, but can also be situations when a company faces a lawsuit and the ethical decision making around it. Do you trust yourself to make the right call when hundreds or thousands of employee’s livelihoods are at risk?   If law is a possible career path then clearly you need to try this one!
Skills to Master

Board of Directors Insight

I’m both interested and intrigued to see how delegates tackle this category. This category offers a rare departure from traditional business fields, a must-see if you’re up for a challenge and something different.


VP Delegate Experience of '17

Prior Knowledge
Length of Case
Numerical Expertise
Creative Ability
Quick Thinking Skills
Team Case
30 Minute
Prep Time
15 Minute
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