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Human Resource Managment 


Are you a people person? Do you enjoy listening and always provide a positive atmosphere? Then we strongly recommend you try Human Resource Management. Participants are given the opportunity to analyze a real-world human resource case situations and to present solutions to a professional with experience in the field. Participants may be challenged to incorporate best practices of marketing new human resource policies within a firm’s organizational structure. Situations in the case could be dealing with union negotiations, the process of firing a loyalty employee (maybe not Donald Trump style “You’re fired!”), or maybe recruiting potential employees from groups of thousands! This category is very interesting as it allows you to see employees as people rather than a number or business resource.
Skills to Master

Board of Directors Insight

Human Resources Management is a great way for you to get hands on experience with all things employee related. Whether you’re implementing a new hiring scheme or negotiating with a union, this category is bound to be interesting… let’s just hope you don’t have to fire anyone!


VP Delegate Experience of '17

Prior Knowledge
Length of Case
Numerical Expertise
Creative Ability
Quick Thinking Skills
Case Category
15 Minute
Prep Time
10 Minute
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