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Are you a numbers person and like math? When that balance sheet balances, does that just get your gears going?  Well, if you agree with me on this, then definitely try accounting.  Participants are given the opportunity to analyze a real-world case situation that deals with accounting activity within an organization and to present solutions to a professional with experience in accounting or financial services. The accounting event will be generalized and will be a combination of financial and managerial accounting. The case could ask for some basic calculations, formulas, ratios or an analysis of financial statements. This is a great opportunity to see if accounting could be the industry you want to specialize in for your career path.
Skills to Master

Board of Directors Insight

Accounting has always been a really interesting category, with principals always changing its unique to see delegates use them on the fly. People always think accounting is very black and white and your either right or wrong, however there is actually a lot of qualitative aspects to each case and it's important to not only know how to calculate various journal entries, ratios and financial statements, but also what they mean to a business’s operations and their presentation to the shareholders.


VP Delegate Experience of '17

Prior Knowledge
Length of Case
Numerical Expertise
Creative Ability
Quick Thinking Skills
Case Category
15 Minute
Prep Time
10 Minute
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